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About Sophia

Sophia Kaiafas (k-eye-ah-fuh-s) is from Dallas, Texas where she grew up with her very Greek family trying every possible activity from ballet to soccer. It wasn't until her 8th-grade year when she felt as though she did not have a place, that she started performing. From then on, it has been her passion ever since. The ability to entertain and inspire through a medium she felt her most genuine and bravest self in, made her wonder why she was not doing this all along. She went on to get her BFA in Musical Theatre from The University of Oklahoma. During her time at school, she realized that her job as an artist was so much more important than she could ever imagine. Telling the stories and feelings of people who need to be heard and understood. Not only that but also, doing it with authenticity, generosity, and intelligence. To inspire people to share their hearts with the world and take care of one another.
To make people feel less alone.


"I want to use my art to inspire people of all ages through authenticity and kindness to see a world of possibility and find an understanding to bring people together."

Photo by Justin Patterson

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